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OV Watch

Buy OV-Watch Fertility Predictor - Click here!

The OV-Watch, although very expensive, is probably the best way to predict when you will be ovulating. If you are looking to conceive and have the money to spend, the OV-Watch is definitely for you.

How the OV-Watch works in a couple ways. First it is an electronic ovulation calendar that can tell you which fertile day you are on (usually a 5 to 6 day spectrum) and when your first day of ovulation is. Second, it tests your perspiration from your skin to detect hormone (LH and estrogen) spikes to determine when you will be ovulating.

The great thing about the OV-Watch is that you don't even have to wear it all day! Most women wear it at night while they are sleeping and they do not even have to bother doing anything else.

Why would you pay the more expensive price for the OV-Watch when you use the LH kits that are very cheap? Well the answer is the accuracy of the OV-Watch as well as the increase in your chances of becoming pregnant (66% more pregnancies over LH tests according to their website).

The OV-Watch is your best chance at getting pregnant, however it isn't your only chance at getting pregnant. If you have the luxury of having enough money to purchase the OV-Watch I would say go for it! If not, the LH test does work, it just doesn't give as much of a notice before your ovulation that the OV-Watch can provide.

Buy OV-Watch Fertility Predictor - Click here!