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First Response Ovulation Kits

Buy First Response Ovulation Predictor Test -- Click here!

The First Response Ovulation Test is one of the better products on the market today. The test has been seen as both reliable and easy to read, as well as easy to use (which is very important to some!) First Response, who also manufactures pregnancy tests, is a brand that many woman trust to be reliable and easy to use.

Although more expensive than average ovulation kits, First Response offers women a reliable results that are easy to use (you are getting something great for what you pay for). Instructions are rather easy to read, and although some have had troubles reading the result line color, most have found the result women as easy to read as any other ovulation test kit.

One of the most seen cons on this product is the lack of enough test sticks. Some kits have anywhere from between 7 to 10 test strips, but First Response has only 5.

One last thing to remember is that Ovulation test kits overall HELP predict when you are ovulating and have been proven to aid woman in predicting when ovulation will occur. There is a chance for any ovulation kit to provide the same accuracy for every woman, but First Response seems to be one of the better brands in doing so!

Pros: Easy to read, easy to use, accurate

Cons: Not enough testing strips

Rating: 4 1/2 out of 5 starts

Buy First Response Ovulation Predictor Test -- Click here!