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Ovulation Test Strips

Everything you need to know!

Ovulation Test Strips are a popular way for woman to predict at what time they are going to be ovulating, which is our most fertile time of the month. These ovulation test strips can increase the chances that women will become pregnant dramatically due to the fact that they are aware about when they are most fertile and when to have sex. Unlike other tests that can predict when ovulation has taken place, ovulation test strips can actually predict when you will be ovulating.

Ovulation test strips work, like many ovulation tests, by detecting the Luteinizing Hormone (LH) levels in your urine. Just before a woman is ovulating, LH level surge in their systems. Ovulation tests can see this surge and can let you know when you will be ovulating.

When taking an ovulation test, you will see both increases and decreases of your LH levels. However this is just something that will happen while you're a moving along your normal menstrual cycle. What you really need to read is the "surge"' in the LH levels. This surge can predict that you will ovulate sometime in the next 24 hours, so the next day or two would be the best time to have sex with your partner if you would like to become pregnant.

Ovulation test strips are very easy to use and are a little easier and less messy than midstream ovulation tests. Ovulation test strips are strips that can be held in a cup of urine for a few seconds and it will then tell you your results. Midstream tests are very similar to pregnancy midstream tests where you have to urinate on the test for the results to actually show.