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Ovulation Watches

Everything you need to know!

The most popular and inexpensive way to predict your ovulation is with the use of ovulation predictor kits. However, there are other instruments you can use to predict ovulation but they could be costly.

An ovulation watch is one of these newer instruments. For somewhere around $200, you can buy an ovulation watch that can predict when you are ovulating FOUR days before it happens. This is an extremely sooner than the ovulation predictor kits that give you about a 24 hour notice.

Why would you want to know so soon that you are ovulating? Well most experts say that you should actually have intercourse BEFORE you ovulate. Statistics have shown that in most women, this is the most likely time you will actually conceive. If you are using an ovulation predictor kit, you only have a 24 hour notice, which isn't a lot of time to prepare or have intercourse before you ovulate. If you use an ovulation watch you will know about 4 days in advance. Plenty of time to have intercourse before your ovulation!

But how do ovulation watches work? Well ovulation watches actually detect a change in the amount of chloride in your sweat. Due to the fact that there many different things going on with a woman's hormones during their menstrual cycle, chloride levels in your sweat will increase and decrease throughout your cycle. The ovulation watch detects the correct chloride increase in your sweat and lets you know when your most fertile day will be.

The cool thing about these ovulation watches is that they actually tell you your most fertile days. As you approach the day you ovulation, your watch will let you know what fertile day you are on (one of the 4 days before your ovulation).

Although very expensive, ovulation watches do have many important features that are very beneficial to women. One of these biggest features is predicting ovulation days earlier than ovulation predictor kits, which can only tell you about 24 hours before you ovulate.

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